Jup Suw training in China, June 2019

SoCal Applied Wing Chun Academy - Teaching Duncan Leung's Applied Wing Chun as taught to him by Grandmaster Ip Man - Applied Wing Chun San Diego and Applied Wing Chun Temecula

     At SoCal Applied Wing Chun Academy and Applied Wing Chun San Diego we believe that martial arts and specifically, our Chinese art of Kung Fu can help you reach your self-defense, fitness and health goals.

     Wing Chun Kung Fu is a system of self-defense created in China over 300 hundred years ago.  The training methods we use help you lose weight, build coordination, increase your confidence, and teach you direct self-defense methods.  

     Marital Arts helps an individual overcome physical disadvantages.  Wing Chun is designed for you to utilize angles, structure, power and to take advantage of an attacker.  You will learn to use your opponent's force and utilize principles of leverage and motion, such as opposite action.  Using Wing Chun helps you stop an attack in the quickest manner possible.

Our mission is to help individuals improve their fitness by providing the best martial arts learning experience.    
You will learn to
  • Generate and apply a maximum amount of force in the minimum amount of space and time
  • Coordinate your body movements to defend and attack simultaneously
  • Control your fear during stressful situation
  • Develop strength, speed, agility, improved hand-eye coordination, and flexibility



Use Wing Chun for self defense and to protect those you love

  • Wing Chun is an effective martial art designed for your personal preservation and safety in extreme situations.
  • Our self defense techniques are your body's natural reactions recondition for efficiency and power, executed through instantaneous reflex, and reinforced by training drills.
  • The art of Wing Chun is more than self defense, it is a complete mind and body training system

At 2 locations in Southern California at Applied Wing Chun San Diego and Temecula.



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